• What Are the Signs of Hip Problems in Dogs?

    How can you tell if your dog is suffering from stiff joints or hip pain? It would be wonderful if our pups could simply tell us when they’re joints are painful, but instead, we have to rely on picking up on some subtle behavior clues.

    We’re here to help by going over the most common signs of hip joint problems in dogs, what causes them, and how you can help your dog find relief from hip pain.

    Let’s start by figuring out what type of hip problem your pup is dealing with...

  • How to Choose the Best Joint Supplement for Dogs

    More aches and pains are a natural part of the aging process – for us and our pets. If you have an older dog who’s started to slow down, chances are you want to be able to help ease their discomfort, right?

    One of the best ways to make your pup more comfortable and maintain the spring in their step is to give them a supplement for hip and joint health. One that’s been formulated just for their unique canine needs.

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